A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership

Since the 2016 election I wanted to know more that tall, director of FBI guy, named James Comey. And the more I read about him and listen to his speeches and interviews, the more I was gravitated toward him. A former Republican appointed by president Obama (a Democrat) as the director of FBI, which is a 10 year job, played a major role in 2016 election over the investigation of Hillary Clinton email scandal.

One week before the 2016 election he announced the new discovery of 30k deleted emails by Clinton, which changed the course of election dramatically.

As a person who is not familiar with the machinery of Justice department and FBI in U.S., it was a informative book to read. In my opinion this book has three major peaks:

    1. Stellar Wind Program: In 2004 Bush administration desperately needed approval of U.S. attorney general, John Ashrof, to continue the Stellar Wind program, an extreme surveillance program announced illegal by DOJ. However, Ashrof is in I.C.U of George Washington University Hospital and the legality of the program is about to expire. That is when Alberto Gonzales who was the White House Counsel in that time (and Ironically U.S. attorney general after) went to Ashrof bedside to get his signature/approval. Comey (who was Ashrof assistant in that time) finds out about the meeting and rushes to George Washington University Hospital to stop it, he also asks Robert Muller (director of FBI) for help. Reading this hair-raising events from James Comey who was involved in the process is so fascinating, I couldn’t put the book down when reading this chapter.
    2. Clinton email scandal: FBI is not a partisan organization ans always must stay out of politic atmosphere. However, at the last week of 2016 presidential election, FBI discovers new 30k Hillary Clinton deleted email and James Comey as the director of FBI being pushed into a lose-lose dilemma.
    3. Dinner with Trump: in the one-on-one dinner president Trump asks Director of FBI, James Comey’s Royalty to him!


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